JorZine - UNDERGROUND DREAM - New Album Released

UNDERGROUND DREAM - New Album Released


Los Angeles-based Iranian Metal band UNDERGROUND DREAM has released its new album titled "Something Not In Vain". The album, which was recorded at the Paramount Recording studios in Hollywood (California), follows up the band's debut from 2011 "Maximum Gain". The band's latest effort has been compared to as a mix of NIRVANA and METALLICA and will be available for download, streaming and physical purchase on sites such as Itunes, Amazon and Spotify. The album is distributed by Blue Pie Publishing.


You can check a trailer of the album clicking HERE





1. Hollow
2. Set Me Up
3. Floating On Boundless
4. Something Not in Vain
5. Mask
6. Beyond the Bombs
7. Out of Mind
8. Nights Rolled On



The band has also announced that they will star a documentary titled "Beyond the Bombs". The documentary has been directed by Robert Kraetsch. You can check a preview of the documentary clicking HERE


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