JorZine - WِATAIN - Debut Another New Song

WِATAIN - Debut Another New Song


Watain have unleashed a new song today from their new album The Wild Hunt, this time you get to listen to "The Child Must Die". Sounds cheerful. Enjoy your dose of black metal on the video here. However, there is still some waiting around to do since the opus only drops on August 19th in Europe and August 20th in North America by His Master's Noise, via Century Media Records. 

The first single of the album, "All That May Bleed", is still streaming over here if you feel like listening to it. Also, check out the album's exclusive edition box set here.

The Wild Hunt tracklist:

01. Night Vision
02. De Profundis
03. Black Flames March
04. All That May Bleed
05. The Child Must Die
06. They Rode On
07. Sleepless Evil
08. The Wild Hunt
09. Outlaw
10. Ignem Veni Mittere
11. Holocaust Dawn

Source: Metalstorm.


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