JorZine - AMADEUS AWAD - New Solo EP Release Date And Guest Musicians Revealed

AMADEUS AWAD - New Solo EP Release Date And Guest Musicians Revealed


According to, the Lebanese guitar maestro AMADEUS AWAD has set 13th August as the release date of his upcoming solo EP titled "Schizanimus". The EP shows the artist venturing into a new style that combines Ambient elements with Progressive Rock sounds and a hint of psychedelic flow.000-015 exam


Apart from the British drummer Gavin Harrison (PORCUPINE TREE, OSI, KING CRIMSON...), also announced that "Schizanimus" will Cisco 000-016 feature vocalist Elia I. Monsef (AMADEUS AWAD'S EON, OSTURA) and keyboardist Danny Bou-Maroun (OSTURA) as guest musicians. The EP's bassist will be announced soon.Cisco 70-410



AMADEUS AWAD recently re-released his second album "Time of the Equinox" through the North American label Melodic Revolution Records. It includes a new bonus track titled "Immortal Dunes". The album, which was originally self-released on January 2012, featured the first collaboration between a Lebanese/Arab artist and one of the biggest names in the history of North American Metal/Rock music, the legendary vocalist Mark Boals (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ROYAL HUNT, RING OF FIRE...).


The album also features other special guests, such as the vocalists Elia I. Monsef (OSTURA, AMADEUS AWAD'S EON), Liz Vandal (SAHARA, ULI JON ROTH), guitarist Timo Somers (DELAIN) and keyboardist Mood Yassin.



As we previously reported, AMADEUS AWAD is currently working on his band's AMADEUS AWAD'S EON new album titled "The Book of Gates". The album will feature a bunch of Metal music heavyweights such as Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X), Amanda Somerville (TRILLIUM, AINA...), Kevin Moore (ex-DREAM THEATER, OSI), Elyes Bouchoucha (MYRATH) and Timo Tolkki (ex-STRATOVARIUS) as guest musicians.


The guitarist recently posted a teaser of "The Book of the Gates". The teaser, which features Russell Allen and Amanda Somerville handling the vocal duties, is a raw and unmixed fragment of one of the songs of the album. You can check it out clicking HERE


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