JorZine - OPETH's Founder DAVID ISBERG Recovering After Brutal Assault

OPETH's Founder DAVID ISBERG Recovering After Brutal Assault


David Isberg, the Swedish musician best known for having founded the seminal Swedish progressive metal band OPETH, is recovering at a Stockholm-area hospital after he was assaulted while walking home the night of March 13. David, 37, wrote on his Facebook page on March 24, "For everyone still wondering, I was 12 days ago beaten real badly. [The] only thing I was trying to do was walk home frome my work. [I am] now at [a] hospital. Enough said."


The police believe that the assault was linked to a brawl involving several individuals — not including Isberg — that started on a bus that left central Stockholm in the early morning hours of March 14.


One of David's alleged assailants, a 23-year-old man, was arrested and is being charged with attempted manslaughter.


Three Swedish-language articles on the incident and the subsequent arrest can be found at


Article #1

Article #2

Article #3


Isberg, who also goes by the name DJ Dake, has had a successful DJ career with independent and electronic music, often influenced by the so-called "Madchester" scene. He has also DJed old-school heavy, thrash, speed and death metal from the '80s at Club Rocks in Stockholm; "Nuit Halloween" in Paris, France; and on various rock cruises on the Baltic Sea.



Source: roadrunnerrecords. 


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