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Team members 

Name: Rak Hiasat

Role: Int. News Manager, Writer

Country: Jordan

Fav Metal Style: Anything Good About Metal Music

Fav Bands: Opeth, Wintersun, Hypocrisy, Emperor, Acyl


Additional Info: Co-Owner/Operator of Grindbor Records




Name: Kassem

Role: Manager, Writer

Country: Syria / Germany 

Favorite genres: Vagina core (pretty much anything)

Favorite bands: Cryptopsy, Anaal Nathrakh, Alice In Chains, Down, Oath To Vanquish

Personal profile: 
Additional info: Co-Owner/ Founder of Grindbor Records



Name: Nadia

Role: Reviewer

Country: Germany

Favorite genres: Alternative, Industrial, Progressive

Favorite bands: Tool




Name: Carmina

Role: Interviewer

Country: Lebanon

Favorite Genres: Folk, Avant-Guarde, Progressive

Favorite bands: The Venetia Fair, Eluveitie, Lamb of God, Le Grand Guignol, Avenged Sevenfold

Personal Profile:




Name: Amir Kourosh

Role: Middle East News Section Manager

Country: Iran / Spain

Favorite genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal

Favourite bands: Scorpions, Accept, Motley Crue, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath 


Name: Moustapha Laithy

Role: Reviewer

Country: Egypt

Favorite genres: Death , doom , and sub-genres

Favorite bands: Lamb of god- Opeth- Meshuggah-In mourning - cannibal corpse - abborted and a lot other :D

Personal profile: 



Name : Tiphany Mataï

Role : Reviewer / French Partner

Country : France

Fav Metal Style : Melo/Sympho Black Metal, Oriental Metal, Cyber Metal, Death Metal

Personal Profile : 
Additional Infos : Zalys mastermind


















































































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