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About Us 

JorZine was launched in 2006 to support and promote the underground Middle Eastern Rock & Metal Scene, offering bands the opportunity to go international by introducing them and their work professionally to the music industry and fans.


Brief History


It all started on 2006, when a group of friends who shared the same passion for music came together and decided to make history, living in a place where metal is still young, we felt the need to give it the support and publicity it needs to grow. Launching what is now considered to be the biggest and leading webzine about Middle Eastern Metal/Rock on the 1st of May 2006, uniting the bands, fans, musicians, and above all, what is now dubbed as “The Middle Eastern Metal Scene”.


Looking for professional promotion for your band?


JorZine’s doors are always open for every band and musician out there who are true and serious about their musical career, to get your albums reviewed, or share your news or get an interview published to more than 50,000 readers from 20 countries we cover from Morocco to Iran just drop us an email to one of our contacts below and we will take action as soon as possible.




JorZine is a work in progress, so for those of you who think they have the passion, time, dedication, and spirit of metal in them, and would want to be a part of the revolution, Drop us an email with why do you think you belong in JorZine’s team, place of residence, and info about yourself to Admin[at]




Aside from offering you detailed reviews about the latest and best metal releases, JorZine have also conducted interviews with legends such as Melechesh, Chris Caffery, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Moonspell, Dan Swano, Toni Martin, Jason Becker and many more.

Over the years JorZine.Com came to be the only reliable source for information about the Middle Eastern Metal/Rock scene, with some of the biggest names in the international music scene quoting and mentioning JorZine on various occasions such as BlabberMouth.Com, Metal Storm Magazine, CNN TV, Auther Mark LeVine, Terrorizer Magazine, as well as others.


What we do:


JorZine supports every single talent in Middle East metal scenes, bands who proved professionalism and dedication to produce high quality music are our major priority, we promote, we provide reviews and interviews and we help your band to reach the world, We work for better metal scene. 

So we provide the following: 

1. Band Submission in 

We provide dedicated pages for bands on the WebZine, and we give the option for all bands to submit their information, releases and live shows information, however there are some conditions a band should meet in order to be listed in order to filter serious bands and to help raising up the level of our scene, they are as following

• The band should have at least original good quality single or album recorded 

• Should Have a history of at least one live performance that included originals played live

• The band should have stable band members for at least 6 months. 

Once the band meets these conditions and get published, there should be regular updates sent to JorZine about the bands activities. (I.e. New promo pictures, modified biography..etc) these info could be sent to bands[at] 


2. Events Promotions & Sponsorship 


3. News coverage 


4. Reviews & Interviews


5. Album launch


6. PR (worldwide with our partners)


7. Special articles covering important issues in rock and metal.


Our mailing list contains more than 8000 subscribers and our social media echo can reach more than 20,000 fans! other than our readers.

Contact Us:
Admin [at] - General management issues, partnerships and updates
Reviews [at] - Reviews requests
Interviews [at] - Interviews requests
News [at] - News submissions
Bands [at] - Bands submissions and bands related issues.


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